day 5

Harriet, Catherine and Deanne | Day 5

Course Finale

We weren't sure what to expect today. Our ladies were going to chose their favourite breads and bake for us with little or no help. We really wanted to see that the last few days had been valuable. Sadly Cecile was unable to come as her baby has been rushed to hospital. The remaining five seemed excited to get started on their chosen banana bread and Rwandan honey bread.

It was encouraging to watch them work together as a team helping each other as they felt appropriate and even more so that very little intervention on our part was required.

As none of us are teachers it was exciting to see how much these girls have learned in the past four days. Even more exciting was to see them open the oven and pull out beautifully baked loaves. We really hope this enterprise takes off and at this stage it seems (fingers crossed) that they might have the potential to succeed.

We spent some time talking about how to present their bread when selling it.

At the end of the morning they seemed reluctant to leave so we wished them well on their new exciting venture. We really do hope it work and we wish them huge success.

Savoury home made muffins and banana bread for lunch and a few hours off before visiting BNM.

We took the scenic route en foot to BNM and we didn't get run over. We were greeted by a traditional drumming exhibition by the boys and then played a few games with them where we were all expected to be lions and gorillas. Then the traditional Hokey Cokey was instigated by David which all the children loved.
We saw the pigs and piglets that they look after and their newly sowed vegetable garden.

We were also able to meet a few of the boys that live at BNM and how they are enormously encouraged and supported by RA.

We were particularly moved by Janvier a 19 year old boy who lost is family as he fled the Congo. We met Patrick a 14 year old boy who was top of his class and Jean Claude who wants to be a farmer.

Back home for a yummy supper cooked by Harriet and making the most of the oven at Munazero House before it leaves to be put to use with our baking ladies.

Early 6 am start tomorrow morning as we are going to church with the Sisters of St Francis of Assisi.

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day 5

day 5

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day 5

day 5

day 5

 day 5

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One thought on “Harriet, Catherine and Deanne | Day 5

  1. You must all be feeling so positive and proud of your efforts. Well done!
    Only a few more days before heading home. Looking forward to hearing all about it, rather than reading all about it.
    Lots of love,
    Chauntie xxx

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