day 6

Harriet, Catherine and Deanne | Day 6

A day of variation in more ways than one

We had a VERY early start. David had floated the idea of going to a service at the Mushaka church. We said yes and then discovered it started at 7am!! It was wonderful to see so many people in the congregation all turned out in their Sunday best. We estimated about 2000 people, four of whom where white. The music and singing were lovely but after an hour and forty minutes David suggested we slipped away after communion. We did question how four muzungus walking in the wrong direction could "slip" anywhere unnoticed. Mission accomplished we returned to MH for a lovely Sunday breakfast.

Our next appointment was to visit Felicien and his new twins. So sweet.

We had an appointment at 3pm to visit Ngwino Nawe. En route we stopped for a nice lunch with a beautiful view across tea plantations and the forest. A small window of shopping for Deanne and Harriet had to be taken.

The highlight of the day was our visit to the disability centre. The welcome there was overwhelming. The children were delighted to see us and put on shows of singing and dancing. Some of these kids have huge physical and mental difficulties to overcome but somehow they seem to do so with huge smiles on their faces. The children are so affectionate it is hard not to be affected especially when you hear their giggles when David plays "Two Little Dickie Birds" and "Round and Round the Garden".

They were so proud to show off the cows and pigs although the visit to the pig sty had to be quick as it was very smelly! Dorms were also inspected. Boarders back in the UK could learn a trick or two about bed making.

It has been a great day and fantastic to spend time visiting some of the other projects Rwanda Aid supports.

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day 6
Deanne and Harriet with Paul who we met on a previous trip when we came here in 2014 with Jane to paint the dining hall at Ngwino Nawe.

day 6

day 6

day 6

day 6

day 6



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One thought on “Harriet, Catherine and Deanne | Day 6

  1. Hi Girls

    It sounds as though you are having a fabulous time and the breadmaking making looks a real hit….which type of bread has gone down the best so far with the Rwandans?

    Enjoy the rest of your trip.

    Much love

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