The genocide in 1994 and AIDS have produced many widows and child-headed families in Rwanda.  Often these people do not have the support of a wider family network and must depend on a hand-to-mouth existence.

RWANDA AID is giving pigs, goats and hens to the most vulnerable people and supporting them with training and veterinary services. This gives them the opportunity to improve their standard of living. The manure can be used to improve the soil in their kitchen garden, boosting their harvest of vegetables. Some of the offspring of the animals can be sold to provide an income. The meat and eggs will vastly improve their protein-deficientdiet. Instead of just existing they can plan for the future.

We also insist that recipients pass on the first offspring to another vulnerable family so that the scheme is self-perpetuating.


You may like to give these animals instead of your usual gifts to family and friends. We can send you greetings cards which are made by local girls using dried banana leaves, so you can explain to your friends what you have done.

If you would like to give an animal online simply click on the PayPal button below and make your selection. 

Alternatively, please print out the form below and send it, together with a cheque made payable to Rwanda Aid, to David Chaplin, The Old Cottage, Mackerel Hill, Peasmarsh,  TN31 6TB. You can also print out this gift aid form to include.



We will carry out your instructions and send you cards if you have ordered them. We cannot give you individual feedback on who has received your gift or how they are getting on, but our e-mail newsletters for Friends of Rwanda Aid report regularly on the progress of all our projects.