Devonshire House Prep and Kings House Prep Schools in Rwanda

We are delighted to have two wonderful teams of teachers from Devonshire House Prep and Kings House Prep Schools, visiting and supporting our projects in Rwanda at the moment. This amazing bunch have done so much to help us over the years from incredible feats of fundraising (do you remember the 26 mile River Walk dressed as African wild animals and the amazing ‘tough mudder’?!) to giving of their time and skills to head out to Rwanda and make a real difference at the coal face! We are enormously grateful to Stephanie Piper and her team and to the amazing group from Kings House – we know the children at Ngwino Nawe are delighted with the new murals!  Please do take a minute or 2 to read the lovely blog by the Devonshire House team, it’s so uplifting and there are some great photos to enjoy too!

Devonshire House Teachers in Rwanda Blog

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