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…from Nyamasheke Town to Baho Neza Mwana, Kamembe

There was a wonderful buzz and energy amongst the team today. Felicien, Isaac, Alex and Jerome were the first to cycle, leaving the Nyamasheke District office at exactly 11:30am. Soon after starting, Jerome experienced technical difficulties, so Patrick, our team mechanic, was only too keen to assist and take Jerome’s bike for a test run.

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Every corner brought a new stunning view, sometimes of tea plantations, other times of Lake Kivu. When Alex needed a rest, I was delighted to have an opportunity to cycle, enjoying all the pleasures that travelling by bicycle in Africa brings: friendly smiles, warm greetings and people hanging out of a bus with their ‘thumbs up’ as a sign of respect for tackling a big hill. 

Cycle 3
Cycle 4

I came into small difficulties when the chain came off my bike. An easy problem to fix, although I was soon surrounded by hundreds of children who asked me where I was going. “Kamembe”, I replied. They didn’t believe me. I waved goodbye and cycled on to Ngwino Nawe where we had a pit-stop and switched cyclists. 

Cycle 5
Cycle 6

Marcel came into difficulties with his bike, which meant we were down to 3 bikes. The team who were not currently cycling didn’t want to feel like cheats, so they decided to run some of the route instead.

Cycle 7
Cycle 8

The final 3km was through Kamembe high street, which created lots of interest and cheers as we cycled and jogged as a team together down to Baho Neza Mwana. We reached our destination far quicker than I had expected, enjoying a satisfying meal together whilst reflecting on what a great day it had been. Everyone was delighted to learn that they had raised over RWF 500,000. A fantastic effort from everyone who participated, especially David who tackled some of the hilliest sections, and Jerome, who had never ridden a bike before!

Cycle 9
Cycle 10

On behalf of everyone at Rwanda Aid, a huge thank you to everyone who has sponsored us!


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