Music as Therapy visit Rwanda Aid

The Music as Therapy International and UK Programme Manager, Lindsay McHale, and the Rwanda Programme Officer, Hannah Hulin, arrived in Kamembe last week. They have spent a week delivering training for staff who work with children with disabilities at our partner centres, including Ngwino Nawe Village. Thank you Lindsay and Hannah!  

Sponsored Cycle

…from Nyamasheke Town to Baho Neza Mwana, KamembeThere was a wonderful buzz and energy amongst the team today. Felicien, Isaac, Alex and Jerome were the first to cycle, leaving the Nyamasheke District office at exactly 11:30am. Soon after starting, Jerome experienced technical difficulties, so Patrick, our team mechanic, was only too keen to assist and … Continue reading Sponsored Cycle

Latest News from the Rwanda Managers | Disability awareness event

In partnership with VSO and Rwanda Aid, the disability awareness was organized for Rusizi and Nyamasheke Districts. Beneficiaries for disability programme, Distinguishes Government and private institutions were represented in that event. Different messages and testimonies were given to the participants to raise the awareness of disability, the rights and ability of the people with different … Continue reading Latest News from the Rwanda Managers | Disability awareness event