Harriet, Catherine and Deanne | Day 2

Our course was due to start at 9am. At 8am all ingredients and the oven were still on the back of the pick up truck. No need to stress Patrick and Jonas can work miracles in a very short space of time.


We met our lovely six ladies and set too. Today we made a Traditional Cottage Loaf and all loaves rose to perfection and the ladies very much enjoyed the experience. We discussed setting up baking from home and how they could earn an income from this and will discuss this at length later in the week.
The bread was taken home. They had never seen bread making like this and were excited to see the proven bread rise. Their homework was to do a bit of market research and to share their bread with family and friends and to see if they can drum up some potential business.
Tomorrow we have discovered it is Cecile’s birthday and while we are waiting for the Rwandan Honey Bread to rise we will show them how to make a birthday cake.

making breadphoto-3

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