South Downs Way 100 mile challenge | 29 of 100 miles completed!

Day 1 – Winchester to Exton. Our hikers set off from Winchester, joined by Clare Linden, Rwanda Aid Chair of Trustees, and friends for the first stage to Exton. They paused briefly at the Cathedral and then pressed on with the 12 miles to Exton, where they arrived in time for tea!

Day 2 – Exton to South Harting. Our hikers faced a blustery day walking but they managed to dodge the rain. Today, the smaller team of 4 walked 17 miles with Sally Chaplin kindly meeting the team at various points with much needed provisions. Beautiful scenery everywhere but after a total of 29 miles in two days, their legs are starting to get tired after quite a few hills…

They have raised over £6,900 so far. You can show your support by sponsoring them:

4 days of hiking to go!