News from our Rwandan Managers: January 2019

The New Year has got off to a busy start in Rwanda! We started the year by paying a visit to Colette, a widow living with her 6 children on Nkombo Island. Nine years ago we found them living in one small shelter after their home was destroyed in an earthquake. We built her a new home and she has rebuilt her life. She is so proud that one of her children is now at University and tells us that David (Rwanda Aid’s CEO) is her hero! Her smile says it all!

We have also had some new boys join our rehabilitation programme at Baho Neza Mwhana, got a new kitchen garden up and running, organised ongoing teacher training and offered support and funding to graduates of our vocational skills programme to enable them to start co-operatives. To find out more, please enjoy our latest newsletter from our Rwandan Managers.

RA monthly newsletter, January 2019[1698]

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