Kitchen Garden Scheme

2018 will see Rwanda Aid continue to implement and develop our school ‘kitchen garden’ scheme. This scheme was born out of the huge need we have seen for children to be able to have more than the one meal a day they often survive on.  Maslow’s ‘hierachy of needs’ clearly shows that if a child’s basic physiological needs are not met, then they will be unable to achieve to the best of their abilities. If you have tried to study or concentrate on what a teacher or lecturer is saying with a rumbling tummy, then you will understand that it is no mean feat!

Our kitchen garden scheme aims to establish vegetable gardens in schools. These gardens will be tended by the children, getting them going on learning the basics of agriculture. When the vegetables are ripe, they will be picked and with the help of parents, turned into soup for the children to have at lunch times, thus giving them a nutritious meal!

We have already got gardens set up in two ‘pilot’ schools (G.S. Nyakabwende and G.S. Nyamasheke) and hope to role the scheme out to other schools this year. Please do have a read of Isaiah’s and Jerome’s report to find out more about how they are getting on with the pilot gardens.

Some gardens will be terraced in order to use space effectively.

Digging the furrows, overseen by one of the nuns!

Each garden will have a water tank nearby, which will catch rain water so the growing plants can be watered!

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