Janyis Watson – A ‘hello’ like no other!

Janyis has been to visit Ngwino Nawe, our village for disabled children. Here she experienced a hello like no other! 

A ‘hello’ in Ngwino Nawe Village (NNV) – the disabled children’s centre – is like no other greeting! You do not need to be able to see it or hear it, you can feel it. It is the most genuine and warmest of greetings and one that most of us would struggle to deliver. That warmth and happiness are the first clues to the very special nature of this place and a credit to the staff and volunteers. A place where the children are supported and encouraged to shine no matter what their personal challenges or talents. And shine they do!


We arrived as they were going out to playtime, eager to join in the games organised by enthusiastic staff. We watched different characters interacting from the exuberant to the shy, the boisterous to the compassionate and those wanting to sit and watch. In a world where we may occasionally forget, NNV reminds us that everyone is an individual and this is to be celebrated.

Back in class, the atmosphere is far more orderly and quiet and here the talents of some of the children were evident. Whether it is learning colours by sorting cute little bears into families or developing brilliant drawing skills, everyone seemed really engaged and not making a fuss about our intrusion.


This project typifies the work of Rwanda Aid, creating opportunities for the vulnerable to improve their lives and I left feeling like a beneficiary – thank you NNV!

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